( PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2014 ) This Video Has Been Viewed More Than 21 Million Times !!

Video Name : PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2014
Posted Online : Published on Dec 16, 2014
Video Duration : 3 minutes 04 seconds
Views : More than 21,025,263

( Last updated : Saturday 14 March 2018 )

Description : This video of 3 minutes combines a lot of the best videos !! Only the best athletes and adventurers participated in this video !! In the first section of the video we see a dangerous moves like a guy jumping from high place with the Extreme Pogo and other guy do somersault on the highest building without any safe equipment !! This shows us how wonderful is this video !! On description you find the links where you can see all the videos which has been integrated in this video !! This video of 3 minutes has been viewed more than 5 million times on YouTube !!

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