( Nina Burri, America’s Got Talent 2014 ) The Spider Woman !!

Video Name : Nina Burri: Spectacular Swiss Contortionist
Gets Twisted – America’s Got Talent 2014
Posted online : Published on Jun 22, 2014
Video Duration : 2 minutes 42 seconds
Views : More Than 2,425,019

( Last updated : Saturday 14 March 2015 )

Description : Nina Burri 36 years old is contortionist, dancer and model.
In spite of her age, however, this talent girl from Switzerland Has been able to astound the judges of competition and audience too !!
This girl has the flexibility and suppleness and full control of her body !!
It was an amazing experience for her,and America’s Got Talent was the beginning of the road to achieving her dream !! This video has been viewed more than 1 million times !!

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